The first photos of the Kepler

Cycling adventures are the best fun, however short or epic, we love riding and discovering new roads & places on bikes. If you want to do some serious bike camping adventures then you're going to need a serious adventure bike to do it on, there are a lot about at the moment, but the second we saw London based Brother Cycle's new 'Kepler' frame, we couldn't help but stop & stare! The pink & blue fade wasn't just the reason that Tim got his hands on one, it was also the capability to carry loads via front or rear racks, and the versatility of using it on or off road, in winter or in summer. Tim plans to build it up for a whole host of cycling adventures both here & abroad. Check some details of the awesome steel frameset below, and maybe head to Brother Cycles to get your hands on your very own (there is a slightly more non-conformist navy color available too), and expect to see many more photos of this bike on the blog & instagram soon!