The first Nocturne photos

Last week Rob & Tim headed to London to take part in the track bike criterium in the legendary London Nocturne at Smithfield Market, a tight urban course with great views for the thousands of spectators in attendance, a unique atmosphere to race in. The race this year was going to be tough, and made even harder by a 1 hour delay on the start line, and the race being shortened to just 15 minutes +3 laps, though that turned out to be just 1 lap, poor organisation, but a great race which split apart within the first lap, Rob hanging into the bunch & riding with a small group, Tim being dropped off that main group & doing a major solo effort the whole way. With the race being so short, there wasn't time to close gaps, so a 15 minute sprint later & the race had been won by the dominating Cinelli Chrome team, Rob put in some great work to grab 20th & Tim just behind in 24th. Below are some solid photos by Indra of London's famous London.

3 more from an unknown photographer: