North of England adventure

This weekend we headed north to Manchester, with the intention of riding bikes & eating food, the things we enjoy the most. We left the city for the Peak District & over the 2 days we put in 100 miles worth of epic climbing, descending & everything in between. The climbs were longer & steeper than anything around here, so it was a test for sure, the descents were equally wild & took what felt like an eternity, not a bad thing though. The sun was out & the views were amazing, I got a few photos along the way.

Both mornings started off cold so arm & knee warmers were needed for the first few miles at least. They were soon removed when things started going uphill.

The first climb, Holmfirth, was almost 4 miles in length & felt like it took forever. The views from the top were worth it though.

The views from the bottom were equally awesome, we were blessed with 2 days of sun. I can't imaging how it would have been with bad weather.

3 of us rocked the Klub jersey & bib shorts for the weekend. The fit is so great & comfy for mile after mile.

Some climbs were more gentle than others, but the first day was entirely up & down with the only flat riding being within the city.

Local boy Christian lead the rides & shared the best photo stops with us out-of-towners.

Day 2 was a flatter, 40 mile ride, with a much needed cake stop to finish. A perfect end to some incredible bike riding. I'm sure we'll do this again soon.

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