The first Full Moon Bike Ride Bristol

On monday evening we put on a new event, the first of our Full Moon Bike Rides. These are inspired by our friends from San Diego, TheAwareWolfs, who have been doing this for a while. The name of the game is for a pack of riders to gather under the full moon for a casual paced ride around the city. We were stoked to have 35 riders attended on Monday, our ride starting at 9pm in Millenium Square, taking on a streetlit 8 mile route, finally ending up back at Millenium Square where everyone hung out, drank beers & ate ice-cream under the full moon well into the night. Here is a video we've put together using the (slightly jerky) footage taken on the night. We'd love to see you at the next one, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for full details, where you'll also find a couple of photos from the ride.

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