The Hell Kit - Pre-Order

We've been inundated with requests for the Hell kit which we released on Saturday, so much so that we've pretty much sold out of everything. But have no fear, if you want to guarantee yourself the amazing (seriously, photos don't do it justice) new kit, then we have sorted a solution for you. Head over to the store & place an order via the Pre-Order versions of the kit. There will be a 6 week wait till you receive the kit, but when you receive your kit, you'll also receive a brand new Das Rad Klub bottle FREE OF CHARGE (before the new bottle goes on sale).

There are also female fit options available for all you girls wanting to get into a Das Rad Klub jersey! All sizes are listed so make sure you measure any existing kit you own to get the correct sizing. Again, there will be a 6 week wait before you receive your kit, but you will also receive a FREE BOTTLE (a free bottle will be sent with every item ordered, so if you order both jersey & bibs you'll receive 2 bottles!).

This pre-order period will close on midnight of Sunday 8th September, so make sure you get your orders in this week to avoid disappointment!

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