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Doktor Bobby Cinelli Stem

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We've teamed up with one of the hottest paint slingers in the UK to create our take on some solid components for your ride.

Inspired by our AW16 kit release, Bobby has put his own spin on things with a pink to green undercoat, finished with a galactic rainbow metal flake top coat. These guys seriously pop in the sun! As each stem uses a variation on the pattern, each one is completely unique!

We've picked an aluminium Cinelli stem for the project. A simple, clean looking stem weighing in at 175g for the 110mm. We have just 3 stems available in this first project, a 100mm, 110mm & 120mm, all based around a 31.8mm handlebar clamp.

For custom paint jobs on stems, forks or frames get in touch with ourselves or Doktor Bobby for a quote.