The Coefficient Of Drag Issue 2

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A thing about riding bikes and watching Eurosport.

Issue 2 contains zero articles about 'tech' or 'stats' or expensive package holidays or whatever... some 'tech stats' bout the zine tho:

1. It's better than the first issue
2. It's better than the first issue
3. Got a pink cover this time
4. Feat. Raging Elk Man, Lyndsay Bayer, Kenny Van Vlaminck, David Bailey Food Legend and a thing about a real life Black Metal Cycling Coven
4a. It was going to have more cool stuff in it but we blew the entire budget for the issue on a 20 bag and a ticket to a UFO convention
5. Risograph printed in Salford on super swank GF Smith papers
6. comes with an A3 art print by Jeroen Erosie. A fold out self-help poster, and some rips...
7. Typos! OMG there'll be typos! Shti hapens lol!
8. we went on an inexpensive, non-package holiday and wrote about it
9. Look, u don't even have to read it if u CBA, got pictures anyway innit, plus it's designed to look good / relevant on coffee tables / be instagrammable